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 Please Join Mayor Edwin M. Lee in committing to the

Future of our Youth

The Workforce Development Division of the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) is committed to providing young people with a comprehensive and coordinated system of care, which provides a continuum of quality services to ensure that all youth are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and abilities to prepare for successful employment, academic, and life choices by age 25.

To reach this vision, the Workforce Development Division partners with other city departments, community-based providers, and employers to ensure that San Francisco has the policies and programs needed to support the development of its emergent workforce.


Steps to Employment

Entering the workforce for the first time can be challenging, especially for young workers with limited work experience. Fortunately San Francisco offers a number of programs and services designed to prepare youth for the workplace. Helpful information is provided to assist youth in creating a plan, finding a job, developing their skills through a job training program, and other resources available to support young people on their successful path to employment.


OEWD Youth Programs

OEWD funds a number of programs to assist San Francisco's young people in reaching their academic and workplace goals.  It is the Workforce Development Division's priority to re-engage youth disconnected from the education system and labor market to achieve academic credentials, transition to post-secondary education, and/or secure living wage employment.


For Employers: Investing in Your Future Workforce

Hiring a young person allows a company to invest in their future workforce while hiring a skilled and energetic worker today. Young people who have been trained in the City’s youth workforce programs bring a range of skills and talents to help businesses get the job done. To assist employers looking for entry-level workers, many of our job training programs for youth provide support to employers to help meet their hiring needs.


OEWD Youth Services Strategy

It is the goal of the City and County of San Francisco and its educational institutions to provide all youth with the opportunities and resources they need to achieve career and economic success. 


Youth Council

As a requirement for receiving federal job training monies, each local community must establish a Youth Council to assist in the development of a comprehensive system to better prepare young people for the workforce and their futures.

The purpose of the Youth Council is to provide expertise in youth workforce development policy and assist the local WISF to:

·         Develop and recommend local youth workforce policy and funding

·         Broaden employment and training policy to incorporate youth development

·         Establish linkages with other organizations serving youth

·         Evaluate a range of issues that impact young people’s success in the labor market

San Francisco's Youth Council brings together a broad range of committed stakeholders - city agencies, employers, educational institutions and youth - to assist OEWD and the City in the development of a coordinated system of services.