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Sector Bridge



Sector Bridge prepares youth and young adults with basic education and technical skills that are contextualized around a specific industry sector leading to an articulated path to post-secondary education, further sector training or industry-recognized certification. These programs will serve as a feeder to post-secondary education or the Sector Academies and may focus on these and other sectors demonstrated to be viable career options for youth.

The Sector Bridge model generally includes the following services:

  ·         Intensive case management services

  ·         Adult mentoring

  ·         Contextualized learning

  ·         Workplace exposure

  ·         Subsidized work experience

  ·         Basic skills building

  ·         Educational support and tutoring 

Eligibility Requirements

Youth ages 17 to 24 years of age who are low income and have barriers to employment. 


Retail Bridge Program

Larkin Street Youth Services
1150 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA  94109
(415) 673-0911

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Security Bridge Program

Renaissance Parents of Success
1800 Oakdale Avenue, #510
San Francisco, CA  94124
(415) 643-1400

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Technology Bridge Program (TechSF)

210 Spear Street
San Francisco, CA  94105

Lori Quinn

(415) 512-7588 x3511
[email protected]

Daniel Hayes

(415) 512-7588

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