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OEWD Youth Services Strategy


It is the goal of the City and County of San Francisco and its educational institutions to provide all young adults with the opportunities and resources they need to achieve career and economic success. To achieve this success, young adults require a good education and opportunities to envision and develop the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to succeed in today’s workplace. In order to achieve these goals, OEWD has developed the following young adult services strategy:

- Create the RAMP and Youth Sector Bridge programs to assist low-skilled youth to meet the skills and education requirements for entry into post-secondary education and/or existing vocational training programs who otherwise would not meet the participation requirements.
-  Improve the capacity and success of General Education Degree (GED) and high school completion programs to increase success for youth through a coordinated system of opportunities.
- Build the capacity of Access Points to appeal to youth ages 17 to 24, connecting them to age-appropriate workforce services, training, and employment opportunities.
- Provide learning-oriented summer work experiences directly tied to formal education and a continuum of needed services.