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A vibrant and thriving industry, hospitality plays a critical role in the economy and culture of San Francisco. A diverse and qualified hospitality workforce is therefore vital to the City’s overall economic stability. The Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) has teamed up with local hospitality industry employers; unions; and workforce education, training, and service providers to coordinate the Hospitality Initiative.

 The Hospitality Initiative offers a broad range of services to job seekers that are responsive to the workforce development needs of this industry.


Orientation and Information Sessions

Orientations provide job seekers with an introduction and overview of the hospitality industry. Attendees will receive detailed information on subsectors within the industry and the diverse array of employment opportunities, affiliated career paths, and opportunities for growth. The session also covers the services offered under the Initiative. An orientation schedule can be found on the Hospitality Initiative flyer


Sector Assessment

This sector-specific tool is designed to determine job seekers best fit for the range of services provided by the Hospitality Initiative. The assessment also helps the job seeker determine which occupations within the industry best match their interests, skills, and abilities and the most appropriate means to reaching these goals. 


Job Readiness Training

This training is recommended for any job seeker that could benefit from gaining more soft skills and to learn more about industry specific keys to success. Job readiness training (JRT) covers an in-depth analysis of hospitality careers (occupational matrix, career ladders, career planning). Customer service skill development is another main component of the curriculum (professional communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution). Coursework includes industry specific job search strategies and employment portfolio development.


Vocational Skills Training

This contextualized component is ideal for job seekers interested in developing industry-specific skills. By integrating classroom instruction with hands-on experience (some of which include internships), job seekers gain skills in hospitality that will prepare them for industry employment. Referrals to vocational skills training providers include:  

City College of San Francisco
- Culinary Arts Major
- Food Service Management Major
- Hotel Management Major
- Baking and Pastry
- Food Technology and Dining Services

Charity Cultural Services Center
- Bartending/Table Waiting

- Chinese Cooking
- Western Cooking

Community Housing Partnership
- Lobby Services Program

 Episcopal Community Services

- CHEFS Cooking Program

Mission Hiring Hall 

- Guard Card Training

Mission Language Vocational School 

- Professional Cooking Program

Self-Help for the Elderly (in collaboration with City College of San Francisco)

Culinary Arts Basic Training
- Custodial Training

Employment Referral Services

Job seekers who have successfully completed JRT, VST, or have adequate skills and experience to conduct a job search in the hospitality industry will be referred to employment referral services. These services help job seekers strengthen their job search portfolios, gain important industry-specific strategies and get connected to hospitality employers.

To get connected to any of these Initiative services and on a career pathway to the hospitality industry, job seekers are encouraged to attend an orientation/information session as scheduled on the Hospitality Initiative flyer.  


Hospitality Resource Guide

To better educate yourself and your clients on the hospitality industry, OEWD has created a Hospitality Resource Guide. This invaluable resource covers the initiative services, details the sector and subsectors that are in demand and growing, provides useful information on industry job search, and discusses customer service.



OEWD’s Hospitality Initiative is designed to be responsive to the needs of industry employers and local job seekers. The Hospitality Initiative will educate workforce system providers and clients about the employment and training needs of the hospitality industry. Effectively coordinating training and employment resources within the workforce system will result in growth of a diverse and well-qualified hospitality sector workforce in San Francisco. Strategic goals under this initiative include:

- Preparing San Francisco residents for training and employment opportunities in the hospitality sector
- Fulfilling hiring needs of hospitality sector employers with qualified candidates that are job-ready, possess the skills and abilities to perform job duties, and hold knowledge and passion for the industry
- Educating workforce system service providers on the hospitality industry and provide relevant and current information on opportunities for connecting job seekers to jobs, careers, and/or training


The Hospitality Initiative is a collaborative that includes the following training and service providers: City College of San Francisco, Mission Hiring Hall/South of Market Employment Center, Chinatown Neighborhod Access Point, Mission Language Vocational School, Charity Cultural Services Center, Community Housing Partnership and Episcopal Community Services.