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OEWD has created Sector-Based Employment and Training Programs for both youth and adults. Current projects under this portfolio include: Hospitality,  Social Services, and Office Skills.


OEWD is supporting research and development to implement a Hospitality Sector program model, including an analysis of existing training programs in this sector. OEWD is also supporting culinary vocational skills trainings as a pilot program in the Hospitality Sector to prepare participants for entry-level positions in the culinary field. Culinary skills training programs include Mission Language and Vocational School’s Culinary Academic Program (27 weeks) and Charity Cultural Services Center’s Culinary Academy (10-20 weeks). 
For additional information on Mission Language and Vocational School’s Culinary Academic Program:
(415) 648-5220

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Social Services:

OEWD is involved in the San Francisco Youth Worker to Teacher Pathway program, which provides bridge courses and sector specific vocational skills training for youth and young adults, and LIFT - (Learning with Income Foundations to Teach) - a collaboration with City College and the Human Services Agency to prepare CalWORKS participants for training and employment in Early Education.

For additional information on San Francisco Youth Worker to Teacher Pathway program:
(415) 957-9775

For additional information on the LIFT Program:
(415) 262-0088

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Office Skills:

OEWD supports the Business Office Support Skills (BOSS) Training Program, a collaboration between Jewish Vocational Service and City College of San Franicsco that prepares participants for Adminstrative Support positions in the Business Service Sector.

For additional information on JVS/CCSF's BOSS Program:
(415) 782-6231
Note: Program eligibility requirements and prerequisites vary by training provider.  Refer to the VST Flyer for a complete list of services and providers. 

The Sector-Based Employment and Training Programs strategy is in collaboration with The Human Services Agency, City College of San Francisco, Mission Language Vocational School, Charity Cultural Services Center, Jewish Vocational Service, San Francisco State University, and Urban University.


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