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OEWD Sector Strategy


OEWD supports an array of workforce development initiatives in several priority industry sectors, initially identified in 2009 and further committed to in OEWD’s 2013-2017 Strategic Plan.  OEWD’s Sector Strategy is designed to improve the responsiveness of the workforce system to meet the demands of sustainable and growing industries by providing employers with skilled workers and expanding employment opportunity for San Francisco residents.  This dual customer approach is designed to be flexible and responsive to the changing needs of the labor market.


OEWD targets growing and in-demand industries that provide multiple entry points to jobs that offer upward mobility and lead to self-sufficiency.  Using labor market data and real-time intelligence gathered from employers and other stakeholders, OEWD considers the following criteria to inform the development of sector initiatives:

      • Industries that are growing and vital to the San Francisco economy
      • Occupations that are in demand among employers
      • Entry-level jobs that require only a high-school diploma and short-term vocational training

      • Quality jobs with higher than average wages and benefits
      • Career pathways that provide upward mobility and lead to self-sufficiency