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Job Transition Assistance Services



Job Transition Assistance Services (JTAS) is a partnership between the City and County of San Francisco and Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) to serve individuals who have been laid off with services to enable timely re-entry into the workforce.   

JTAS gives job seekers the tools and confidence needed to compete in today's market. If eligible for this program, job seekers have the opportunity to enhance skills in hands-on labs, strategy groups, and workshops while developing essential connections at networking events.


What makes JTAS successful?


Success Team

A structured group with a proven record of enabling people to define and achieve career and life goals. Teams are composed of six - eight job seekers from various sectors and professional levels meeting weekly to brainstorm, network, and keep each other motivated.

Why it works

Leadership: Clients have an opportunity to be the expert and act in a lead role.

Accountability: Goals are set at the end of every meeting and reported on in the following meeting.

Supportive Relationships: Connections are made with other professionals in similar situations.

Networking: Contacts are shared between team members.

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Professional Networking Sessions

Monthly networking events are held to encourage relationship building between job seekers, employers, and working professionals.

Why it works

Connection: Those attending feel more connected to others and less isolated.

Employers: Inviting employers allowed for hiring opportunities.

Success Stories: Successful JTAS clients are invited as guest speakers to share their experience.

Practice: Job seekers have increased confidence in other networking environments after attending JTAS events.

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Social Media Workshops

Classes are offered focusing on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Why it works

Advanced: Many job seekers are job searching for the first time in several years and want to be connected to current trends and strategies.

Doing it right: Laid off workers in San Francisco are aware of the importance of using social media and want to know best practices and tips to use it effectively.

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Metrix Learning

Metrix Learning is a complete Public Workforce eTraining and Skill Enhancement program offering full learning management capabilities in a single platform. Metrix is an easy to use, cost-effective system that provides measurable results for training programs.

Why it works

Bridging the skills gap: In today’s economy you can be laid off for a job today that you won’t be qualified for tomorrow. Employers are combining jobs to cut costs and are looking to hire candidates with multiple skill sets.

Assessment: JVS assessed all JTAS clients to ensure success. Clients that use Metrix Learning most successfully are computer literate, self-motivated, and educated about what employers in their field are looking for.

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Employer Spotlights

A great way for employer partners to introduce themselves and for JTAS clients to get direct feedback.

Why it works

Connections: Fortune 500 companies in the Bay Area participate in our events and hire our candidates.

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Personalized Labs

Small groups supported by employment specialists and held in computer labs where clients work on resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and applications.

Why it works

Peer Support: In addition to receiving an employment specialist’s feedback, JTAS clients share their own best practices and methodologies and learn from each other.

Multiple Access Points: Instead of only working with one employment specialist, JTAS clients have access to a whole team through the lab model.

Continuous: Job searching is a process, and each lab is held weekly to encourage clients to come back and work in this distraction-free, supportive environment.

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Workshops are conducted in a group setting and cover a variety of topics. 

For an updated calendar of workshops and events, please visit this list on the JVS website.

Why it Works

Expertise: Workshops are taught by JVS staff at all levels. The director of development facilitates the networking workshop and the executive director facilitates the informational interview panel.

Evolving: JVS has a curriculum task force that meets regularly to ensure information is relevant and up-to-date and caters to all learning styles.

Evaluation: At the end of every group lab and workshop, participants are asked to complete an evaluation. This information is used to improve offerings. 

For more information on workshops offered through JTAS please contact us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



To learn more about JTAS or to enroll, call (415) 782-6282.