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Re-entry Navigator


Employment Services for Individuals with Criminal Backgrounds

The Re-entry Navigator assists Access Point clients with criminal backgrounds with addressing challenges of balancing returning home and preparing to re-enter the workforce. The Re-entry Navigator provides guidance and resources to Access Point staff and employers on how to maximize the opportunities of working with re-entry individuals.

The Re-entry Navigator rotates between the Comprehensive and Neighborhood Access Points and has drop-in hours at each location, at least once a month, to provide clients with:

• Job search workshops with tailored discussions for people with a criminal background
• Initial one-on-one case management services
• Referral and resources regarding record expungement, housing, transportation, substance abuse and other benefits
• Access to training programs and services


There are no eligibility requirements to participate in the services provided by the Re-entry Navigator. All Re-entry Navigator services are confidential. For more information about Re-entry Navigator services and drop-in hours please download the Re-entry Navigator Flyer.

For more information, download the Re-entry Navigator flyer.