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The First Source Hiring Program was created to connect dislocated workers  and economically disadvantaged individuals with entry level jobs. These jobs are generated by the City of San Franciscos'  investments including, contracts, leases, and public works; or by business activity that requires approval by the City’s Planning Department or permits by the Department of Building Inspection. The First Source Hiring Program was enacted into law (Chapter 83 of the City’s Administrative Code) in 1998, and the ordinance was modified in April 2006.

The forms listed below are not all inclusive and may differ slightly depending on specific contracts, leases, and, or other San Francisco  related business investments.

First Source Hiring Program-For San Francisco Organizations

First Source Hiring Fact Sheet.pdf (Revised 1. 2013)

Employers' Projection of Entry Level Positions.pdf

Employement Verification Form.pdf (Revised 4.2014)