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On the Job Training

Hiring and training new staff can be costly, but San Francisco’s On the Job Training assistance program can assist you! By hiring eligible San Francisco residents through the workforce development system, employers can be reimbursed for 50% of the wages paid during a contracted training period, up to $6,000 per individual.

Frequently Asked Questions by Employers 


Federal Bonding

The Federal Bonding Program allows employers to confidently hire at risk applicants knowing they will be protected against acts of dishonesty. Being bonded allows applicants with less than perfect histories the opportunity to prove to a new employer that they are a valuable addition to their workforce while providing the employer with a “safety net”. 

Tax Credits

Certain employers can be eligible for thousands of dollar in local, state and Federal tax credits and incentives based on hiring as well as other business expenses.  Click on any of the programs below for more information.


State Enterprise Zone

Local Enterprise Zone

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Biotechnology Payroll Tax Exclusion

Clean Tech Payroll Tax Exclusion

San Francisco Film Incentives

Central Market/Tenderloin Payroll Tax Exclusion