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Attention Employers!


Are you struggling to find quality workers for your business? 


Are you wasting valuable time sorting through hundreds of resumes and interviewing people who aren’t right for the job? 



Are you seeking resources to help your business grow and prosper?


Is your business struggling and you want to make sure your employees have support during a time of transition?


We are here to help you!  OEWD offers San Francisco employers the services and assistance they need regardless of where they are in the business cycle.  With access to thousands of local job seekers from diverse backgrounds and with all levels of education and experience, we can work with you to recruit the talent you need. As the demands of your worksite change, we can assist in identifying retraining options for your workforce. In an environment of cost cutting and revenue maximization, our staff can help you to access tax credits and incentives to affect your bottom line--maintaining a business climate where companies can grow and prosper, and ensuring a continually high quality of life for all San Franciscans.


Recruitment Assistance

We know that finding good talent in a market like San Francisco can be a challenge—but the Business Services Team is here to help! We customize our services based on the needs of each business.  Our services range from simply presenting qualified and screened candidates that match your job requirements to assisting you in scheduling interviews in our recruitment facilities.



HireSF.org is an initiative of the Office of Economic and Workforce Development designed to assist local employers in finding qualified, local job candidates, and to connect businesses with valuable incentives to promote hiring and job creation. Post your current job openings for FREE online at HireSF.org. to reach qualified candidates in San Francisco and nationwide.


On the Job Training (OJT)

Funds are available to help businesses defray the costs of hiring and training staff referred from various OEWD programs.  Employers are compensated for the extraordinary costs of training associated with the hiring of the new employee, at a rate of 50% of the employee’s wages for an agreed upon training period up to a maximum of $6,000.


Layoff Response Assistance

OEWD can also provide services through our Rapid Response Program that will assist you in easing the transition of your workforce when a downsizing event cannot be averted.  Staff will conduct on-site orientations with our partners from the Employment Development Department and other appropriate agencies to inform your employees about services that can assist them.

Tax Credits and Incentives

Certain employers can be eligible for thousands of dollar in local, state and Federal tax credits and incentives based on hiring as well as other business expenses.


Federal Bonding

 The Federal Bonding Program allows employers to confidently hire at risk applicants knowing they will be protected against acts of dishonesty. Being bonded allows applicants with less than perfect histories the opportunity to prove to a new employer that they are a valuable addition to their workforce while providing the employer with a “safety net”. 

Learn more about the Federal Bonding Program by visiting www.bonds4jobs.com.