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The mission of the Workforce Investment San Francisco (WISF) Board is to provide a forum where business, labor, education, government, community-based organizations and other stakeholders work together to increase their collective capacity to address the supply and demand challenges confronting the workforce.

The WISF is responsible for:

-Establishing the direction of workforce development in support of San Francisco’s vision for  economic competitiveness.
-Creating strategic workforce connections between industry, business, labor, educational institutions, and community based organizations to serve the needs of workers and employers in the region.
-Providing job seekers with education and training needs to achieve self-sufficiency.
-Creating a framework to merge public and private resources and expertise to create an integrated workforce development and business service system.

WISF Structure:

The WISF is organized into standing committees and ad-hoc committees; each delegated a set of advisory and decision making responsibilities.  The standing committees include:

Youth Council:

The purpose of the Youth Council is to provide expertise in youth workforce development policy and assist the WISF to:
- Develop and recommend local youth workforce policy and funding
- Broaden employment and training policy to incorporate youth development
- Establish linkages with other organizations serving youth
- Evaluate a range of issues that impact young people’s success in the labor market


Committees of the WISF:

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee of the WISF may take action on behalf of the entire board, oversees and reviews the work of all other committees and hears reports on their progress.

Program & Services Oversight Committee

The Program and Services Oversight Committee shall be responsible for reviewing and advising the WISF on policy and funding recommendations for programs and services for adult job seekers.

Ad-hoc committees:
Health Care Sector Sub-Committee
Tech Sector Sub-Committee