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istockphoto_15034054-stack-of-papers The Office of Economic and Workforce Development has issued procedures, forms, and directives to be used when administering Workforce Investment Act Programs. 


WIA Directives

The Office of Economic and Workforce Development is responsible for disseminating policy guidance to the workforce development community.


WIA Procedures and Forms

Procedures and forms help providers administer programs for WIA Youth, WIA Adult, and General Fund.


CDBG Procedures and Forms

OEWD, in partnership with the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development, has issued procedures and forms to be used when administering Community Development Block Grant programs. This link will direct you to the MOHCD website where a comprehensive list of all CDBG procedures and forms can be found.


OEWD Program Monitoring

Program monitoring affords OEWD the opportunity to provide the technical support necessary to help ensure providers continue to maintain required documents, account for services provided, and complete and submit all paperwork in a timely fashion.

Additional Resources for the Workforce Development Community

California's Employment Development Department

- Workforce Development Community

Department of Labor - Employment & Training Administration

One Stop Guide for Financial Management
Resources for Workforce Professionals

 Office of Management and Budget Circulars
City and County of San Francisco

Department of Contract Administration
Human Rights Commission
Controller's Vendor Information
Minimum Quality Standards for Youth Workforce Programs