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The strategy of the Workforce Development Division of the Office of Economic and Workforce Development is designed to improve the responsiveness of the workforce system to meet the demands of sustainable and growing industries, providing employers with skilled workers and expanding employment opportunities for San Francisco residents.  This dual customer approach is designed to be flexible and responsive to the changing needs of the labor market.  

Training Programs

OEWD’s Sector Academies are designed to provide job seekers with a full spectrum of services necessary to develop skills, gain industry experience and knowledge, and secure employment in that industry, while accessing all “wrap around” services available through the workforce system.   Each Sector Academy is a coordinated “hub” for job seekers interested in pursuing a career in the relevant sector, with clear pathways to an array of available training and service options for individuals from a variety of educational and employment backgrounds.

Job Seeker Services

OEWD strives to ensure that San Francisco has a qualified workforce that attracts, retains and expands industries and enhances the quality of life in the City.  To that end the Workforce Development Division has developed several strategies and initiatives that align with our mission to strengthen and increase the competitiveness and vitality of San Francisco’s workforce.  A key initiative supporting job seekers is the network of Access Points located throughout San Francisco. 

Employer Services

  OEWD offers San Francisco employers the services and assistance they need regardless of where they are in the business cycle.  With access to thousands of local job seekers from diverse backgrounds and with all levels of education and experience, we can work with you to recruit the talent you need. As the demands of your worksite change, we can assist in identifying retraining options for your workforce.

Youth Services

The goal of OEWD’s Youth Workforce Services is to provide San Francisco’s most disadvantaged youth with access to a broad continuum of education and work experience opportunities and supportive services that lead to educational attainment, occupational skills development, and attachment to the workforce with a priority to re-engage youth disconnected from the education system and labor market to achieve academic credentials, transition to post-secondary education, and/or secure living wage employment.